Share Products

Basic Share Savings

At the Greece Community Federal Credit Union, your Basic Share Savings account earns you a competitive interest rate and allows you to create specific accounts for your personal savings needs. We offer you the ability to label an account anyway you wish!

Transactions to your Share Account can be made in person, by mail or by phone request. Remember to always pay yourself first by using payroll deduction.

Interest on a Basic Share Account is compounded daily and paid to you quarterly.

Share Draft / Checking

As a member, you are eligible to open a checking account. There are no montly fees, no minimum balance and no per check charges associated with this account. Just ask for an application. Your check will arrive by mail within 7-10 business days.

As a (Share Draft) Checking account holder, you may apply for overdraft loan protection and a Mastercard Debit Card. Your debit card will allow you to enjoy a whole new level of shopping convenience – without cash, checks or credit cards, any place you see the Mastercard symbol worldwide.

Christmas Club

You may make deposits in person or through payroll deduction. No withdrawals are permitted throughout the year November 1st-October 31st. Christmas Clubs are transferred to your regular share account at the end of October.

Summer Salary Plan

A savings program designed specifically for employees to continue salary over the summer, by contributing through their payroll deduction over 21 pay periods. Summer Salary accounts are transferred at the end of June to your regular share account.

Individual Retirement Account

An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a special savings plan authorized by the Federal government to help you accumulate funds for retirement.

Depending on your income level, your IRA contribution may be fully or partially deductible even if you are a participant in an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Competitive Rates
Your Credit Union provides a competitive rate on IRAs. The dividends are earned daily and posted quarterly. All earnings you accumulate in your qualified IRA account are tax-sheltered until they are withdrawn. (Consult a tax adviser.)

Convenient Deposits
You may make contributions through payroll deductions or at your convenience, provided you do not exceed the maximum allowable contribution. A minimum of a $5.00 deposit is all you need to start you on your way to a secure future.

Share Certificates

You may obtain a Share Certificate from your Credit Union. Minimum deposit is $500. The dividend is paid at maturity.